EDA Analytics Central - User Documentation

EDAAC is a Python package to collect, store and analyze data coming out of EDA (Electronic Design Automation) Flows.

$ pip install -U edaac

A quick tutorial extracting Design Rule Violations (DRVs) from Cadence Innovus log file to get you up and running with EDAAC.

User Guide

The Full guide to EDAAC — from collecting metrics to storing them, from querying data to advanced analytics and everything in-between.


EDAAC is open-source under BSD-3 license.


EDAAC is community-driven. Please, share with us your feedback and feature requests.


To get help with using EDAAC, use the GitHub Issues and label the issue with question.


Yes please!

EDAAC is a young project and we are looking for contributions, additions and improvements.

The source is available on GitHub and contributions are always encouraged. Contributions can be as simple as minor tweaks to this documentation, API names, or event the core architecture.

To contribute, fork the project on GitHub and send a pull request.

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